Becoming a Parent is a Wonderful Journey

Step Forward Program

This Birthline program provides assistance for each family to take a step forward towards independence and self-sufficiency.  Every step forward matters. Every step forward counts. Our case managers serve as client advocates and are trained to provide compassionate and informative assistance in a confidential setting to help you move your life forward.   

  • Do you need a job or job training?
  • Do you need a GED or a high school diploma?
  • Are you homeless and need a place to live?
  • Are you hungry and need free food?
  • Are you or a member of your family having any medical issues?
  • Are you not safe at home?
  • Are you feeling sad, anxious and depressed?
  • Do you have legal or immigration concerns?
  • Do you feel isolated from friends, family and your community?

Free Items for Babies and Children

• Diapers & Wipes

• Formula & Baby Food

• Clothing & Shoes

• Toys & Books

• Breastfeeding supplies

• Baby bedding

• Other items (when available)

Free Resource Referrals

• Childcare

• Housing/Shelter 

• Food and Clothing

• Mental Health Counseling

• Drug and Alcohol Support

• Pregnancy Loss 

• Adoption

A skilled case manager can refer you to many outside resources depending on your needs; material, educational, emotional, or physical, to provide customized support.

Call us for an appointment with a Birthline Case Manager