Birthline Success Stories

October 22nd 2013

There is something very satisfying about helping people in need. During the month of August, Birthline provided emergency food, diapers, clothing, toys, counseling, and referrals to more than 200 families living in poverty.

First Success Story:

This month a young man came into Birthline using his girlfriend's name because she was a client.  During the interview process, we found out his girlfriend had been killed in an auto accident and he was singlehandedly caring for her children.  Birthline supplied him with much-needed emergency food, counseling and referrals. This client is doing everything in his power to care for the children who have lost their mother and we, the volunteers at Birthline, are trying to make his job a little easier by giving him a hand up.

Second Success Story:

Gratefully, a mom in need was referred to Birthline by nursing staff at the hospital where she gave birth. As if being a mother of triplets isn't difficult enough, she is also a victim of domestic violence. However, she was brave and insightful enough to leave the volatile relationship.  She has no family or friends here and ended up in a shelter while she was pregnant.  Eventually she was forced to leave this temporary shelter but still had no means of supporting her young family and was facing the possibility of being homeless once again.

One of our volunteers, Jeanne, was able to advocate for her and connect her with another domestic violence shelter. She now has a two-bedroom apartment for the next 18 months.  

The babies were born prematurely, but did well and were discharged after only 2 weeks in the NICU.  They are thriving now and reaching all of their developmental milestones.  This is a credit to their mother who is organized, patient and loving.  Hopefully within the next two months she will be able to find a job and get childcare for the babies.  

She wants to be independent and care for her children on her own.  Birthline continues to case manage her progress and give support in any way we can. This mom is extremely grateful to Birthline volunteers who helped her turn her life around.

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